Attention Disorders, Relationship Counseling, and Work Stress in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Dr. Edward Opass of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, provides support for attention disorders and work stress, as well as relationship counseling to patients throughout the surrounding areas.

Attention Disorders

Attention disorders result in an inability to focus, concentrate, pay attention, and perform tasks that one needs to interact effectively with people. Dr. Opass treats ADD and ADHD by diagnosing and discerning the history of the patient with information from family and friends.
ADD Symptoms
• Difficult Concentrating or Focusing
• Starting One Thing & Not Finishing
• Losing Things or Forgetting Where They Are
• Disorganization
• Not Being on Task or Difficulty Completing Tasks
• Struggling to Do Things at the Last Moment
ADHD Symptoms
• Impulsiveness
• Hyperactivity
• Difficulty Sitting Still
• Restlessness
• Need for Stimulation to Relax
• Sometimes Making Bad Decisions

Relationship Counseling

Dr. Opass will work to find the causes of the stresses in your relationship, including the possibility of other mental health issues. As an example, someone suffering from depression can damage their relationship. During your mental health counseling, the doctor will work with you to find out about childhood experiences and relationship with the family. Once the issue is discovered, Dr. Opass will summarize the issue and recommend treatment.

Work Stress

Through discussion, the doctor will get an idea for how you experience work and get an idea of what you do at work, as well as your relationship with the people in your company and how you feel about work and yourself. There can be adaptive and unadaptive problems with work, and the solution could involve a variety of different strategies to deal with the people on the job. He will also see if there are additional issues that could impede your abilities, such as anxiety or depression.

Second Opinion Consultations

A second option consultation is provided for those who are seeing a psychiatrist or therapist and are dissatisfied with their progress and would like a second opinion on the diagnosis and treatment plan. In a second opinion consultation, he will work to find out what was going on previously, such as the treatment plan and medications and how effective they were. If you are not feeling better or making any progress, you should seek a second opinion. Schedule an appointment today for help with attention disorders, work stress, and relationship counseling in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.