Anxiety Disorders and Depression Treatment in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Dr. Edward Opass offers depression treatment and help with a variety of anxiety disorders in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The goal is to handle your problems in a calm, compassionate environment.

Anxiety Disorders

The doctor treats a variety of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic attack disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social phobias. Initial consultations are usually just one session and are used to figure what is going on. Next, he works to discern the root causes of your anxiety disorders.
• Signs of Anxiety
• Shaking
• Trembling
• Difficulty Breathing
• Chest Discomfort
• Pain in Your Gut
• Grinding Teeth
• Muscle Tensions
• Difficulty with Crowds of People, Talking in Front of People, or Addressing an Audience

Benefits of Treatment

Treatment will help you to function more effectively at work without undergoing physical discomfort and positively affecting relationship with your spouse and others. Overall, you will take more pleasure in the things that you do, especially those that typically give you anxiety issues. These mental health counseling services are designed to ensure you get the most out of your life.
Depression Treatment

Depression treatment is effective for a variety of mood disorders, major depression, and bipolar disorder.
Some of the signs of depression include:
  • Negative Thinking
  • Social Isolation
  • Low Energy
  • Feeling Slowed Down
  • Moving Slowly
  • Feeling Down
  • Depressed Mood
  • Decreased Self-Esteem
  • Withdrawing or Distancing Oneself from Others
  • Thoughts of Not Being Here, Not Making a Difference
  • Harming Oneself
  • Obsessing about Negative Situations or Failures
  • Inability to Take Pleasure in Things

Treatment Options

Once Dr. Opass has spoken with you and learned the type of depression you have, he will, with your permission, discuss the situation with your family to further the diagnosis and decide on the best treatment options. Through family support and medication, depression can be beaten. Schedule an appointment today for help with anxiety disorders and depression treatment in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.